Paolo Sartori is an Italian photographer, whose work is strongly characterized by his passion for mountain activities and outdoor adventures. 

Being born and raised in the Alps, he's been skiing and hiking on mountains since he was a child. He was then introduced to rock climbing and focused on that sport for a few years, until by chance he picked up a camera and started documenting his adventures.

Since than he's been shooting on assingnment in every kind of situation including El Capitan's walls in Yosemite Valley, Patagonia mountains, a sailboat trip in the Lyngen Fjords, the Eiger Nordwand in Switzerland, powder skiing in Japan and mountaineering at 6000 meters in Cordillera Blanca, Peru.

Today he regularly get to document the best mountain athletes on their best performances; thanks to his knowledge and ability to move quickly and safely on every mountain terrain he's able to get the work done even in the most demanding situations.

When he's not on assignment around the world, he's always training for the next task in his home mountains in Ossola Valley, Italy.